Marché de l'Electroménager


Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems is a key partner for companies that strive for technological progress,
providing them with value-add, economical, and reliable innovation solutions.

For more than 30 years, Hutchinson has been supplying the biggest OEM’s
in Household Appliances for washers and dryers around the world.

We are able to stick to the constant evolution of the products such as:

  • Energy classification and efficiency
    Reduction of water consumption, electricity consumption and cycle time.
    Increasing of the spinning speed.
  • Design evolution
    More plastic parts on the machines and recycled materials. Increasing of the rope capacity
    for different kind of motors.
  • Comfort concern
    Reducing noise levels
  • Sustainability
    Hutchinson is constantly adapting its products to meet the requirements
    of its customers respecting environment legislation and chemical restrictions
  • Electronic cards are now piloting the washing machines and dryers:
    Hutchinson belts meet requirements in terms of high starting torque, important accelerations.